Ted Raimi

The First Official Celebrity Member of the Cult of Scott Bakula!



        We were fortunate enough to meet Mr. Ted Raimi, of Xena fame, at Dragon*Con 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia.   Ted Raimi was doing what any self-respecting guest of Dragon*Con does after the end of the day's events--he was getting drunk in the Hyatt Hotel councourse bar!   Well, naturally, the bar was sort of a center of our nightly activities as well as you may imagine, so we were lucky enough to meet him there.


PROPHETS Duckman, Chikinhed, Taternutz, and Steve formally initiate TED RAIMI into the Cult!


           He actually approached us first asking about our shirts.   We explained to him the basics of our holy order and offered to initiate him into the ranks of the Cult.   He agreed to join after learning the details of our history, and we agreed to meet at one of the panels which he was hosting the next day in order to formally initiate him with full rights and honors.

            True to his word, Ted introduced us to his panel and we went up before the front of the panel and gave him the sacred rites.   We also presented him with an official Cult of Scott Bakula t-shirt!   (The only sort of clean one we had after 3 days at the con!)

            As you can also see, for reasons which are unclear to anyone, Ted Raimi mistook Prophet Steve to be the leader of the Cult of Scott Bakula.  The truth is, that our organizational skills only barely exceed that of total anarchy...

We hope to mention future celebrity initiations here in the future!


Praise Scott Bakula!


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