Reverend Chikin' Hed

The Prophet


Prophet Chikin' Hed awakens with a message from Scott inscribed on his forearm, Oh-Boy!!


   Chikin Hed, a Con enthusiast for ten years, or more, has now devoted some of his spare time spreading the word of The Bakula.  "I became an ordained minister at the age of eighteen, but never knew what to do with such a title.  Thanks to The Cult of Scott Bakula, I can now throw the title Reverend around as if it had meaning." 


Prophet Chikin' Hed and the CHICK of his dreams, Oh-Boy!!


     Not fully understanding the power bestowed upon him, by The Bukula, Chikin' Hed decided to openly take Scott unto himself.  "My body felt warm and tingly.  I had such a strong urge to urinate, and I did.  Then Scott told me to drink a bunch of alcohol,and I did "  Thanks to the powers of Bakula, Chikin' Hed managed to stay fully intoxicated till the sun came up the next day.  "Praise Scott Bakula, I didn't even puke."


   Over time Rev. Chikin' Hed, the Prophet, has used the will of Scott Bakula to his advantage in ways that he never thought possible.  "Women like show you their tits and stuff for Scott.  What a deity!!  When I was Catholic I never saw tit one in the name of Jesus."


Prophet Tater Nutz (left) Prophet Chikin' (center) Enjoying the fruit of Scotts labor.


    The Cult of Scott Bakula has made a big impression on many members day to day life.  "Yeah the cult affects my every day life, some times when I'm on the toilet I think, Wow Scott Bakula toilet paper would be sweet."  It also, sometimes, affects our day to day family life as well as our time at work.  "I have a picture of Scott at work that I shoot nails at with the air compressor hose. 


Prophet Chikin' Hed and his glorious B-Day cake made by his mother, Oh-Boy.


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