Prophet Taternutz bringer of fear.


    The Bakula spoke unto TaterNutz and said, "Fear must be struck into the hearts of all believers and the non believers.  Fear is what will make them drink and that is what will make me strong."  The Bakula filled TaterNutz with warmth, like a shot of Jager does to you, and bestowed upon him a gift.  "I, give you the ability, to bend your fingers back further than humanly possible.  If this does not cause fear, try something else."


      The Bakula then unleashed his juggernaut of fear upon all that stood in his way, believers or not.  Fear spread, people drank, The Bakula grew strong.  Strong enough to take a permanent hold on The Prophets and give them the power to recruit  the BER-BAKULA, the chosen ones. 


If I don't puke, there won't be room for Mardok, slayer of Tiamat!


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