My role in the formation of the Cult of Scott Bakula was to provide the voice of reason and reassurance to the hotel security and the King County Police that were investigating the celebration that became the basis of our worship. I feel that subconsciously that the Bakula had given me the divine instructions to bring every bottle of alcohol in my possession  and convince Duckman to welcome the lost patrons of the Con to the infamous room party. I knew that I could not abandon my new role of leadership as the next day strangers and the Seattle Starwars Society approached me in the hallway of the hotel to yell "Mudslide Girl!" In retrospect I now understand that The Bakula can only speak to his followers through the mind altering haze of intoxication / insanity.


      As High Priestess I am ready to sacrifice my dignity, my honor and my sanity to the questionable power of The Bakula by spending my every waking hour producing the "priceless" holy relics such as the unholy Grail, ironing transfers upon t-shirts to identify the devout followers, maintaining auctions on Ebay, and providing the liquid refreshments to maintain our most holy delusional state.

        I feel that the Cult Of Scott Bakula provides the discipline that Catholicism was never able to provide and because of my devotion to the Cult, I feel that I am becoming enlightened to even a higher plane of confusion.    

Praise Scott Bakula!


I'll take you to the dark side, baby!                     


I'm making offerings to bring back Quantum Leap!


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