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    Prophet Scooter, impaler of the unbelievers. 


    When The Bakula first spoke to Duckman he said unto him, "Deal with the unbelievers!  Let no one stand in your way."  That is when Duckman, instructed High Priestess Sharona, to go forth and deal with the unbelievers in anyway she saw fit.   Sharona, in her drunken state, could not handle such a complex task.  That is when she turned to Scooter, dubbed him the Impailer of the cult, and sent him forth unto the con. 

    Scooter, blessed with the drunkenness of The Bakula, accepted the holy quest and set forth to unleash his havoc unto the con.  Those who stood in his way were ravaged and much blood was spilled. All weekend this went on, until the only ones that stood were The Prophets, the true believers. 


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