How can I join?


It's easy!!!!

So, do you think this looks fun?

Or are you surfing the internet high on mushrooms and ready to throw your life away devoting each waking breath to the erotic whims of the Bakula and/or his prophets?

Either way, great!  All you need to do now is speak with one of the friendly members of our recruitment staff.


Operators are standing by.


If you think you have what it takes to join the Cult of Scott Bakula, then just email us at  One of our cult members will be happy to hear about how Scott Bakula has touched your life and will be happy to claim your soul. Although it is not mandatory by any means, the truly devout followers will be happy to support our beer fund by buying one of our membership "kits", which consist of the t-shirt pictured below, a membership placard, and a membership card.   It's everything you'd expect from a cult, except a secret decoder ring!


Our t-shirts are made using cheap-o t-shirt transfers (what else would be worthy of Scott?) and are available in whatever size Scott cursed you with.



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