T'was the night before Bakumas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring,not even Scotts career!



 October 9th, 1954

And Scott did say unto Jake and Elwood, "Thou shall have a Dollar store gift exchange and others will follow."

 And they did, and there was much exchanging. 


Then it was decided by the Prophets, that on Bakumas Eve, we would  leave for Scott clippings from the want ads as well as non-dairy beverages, for Scott is lactose intolerant and an upset tummy was not his want.  For it was decided that his career was suffering enough for him to bare for our sins!


The children did awake Bakumas morning to find dollar store gifts placed at the feet of the cut-out of our savior known as Bakula.  The children did thank Bakula Claus for the gifts he had left and thanked him for not taking their piggy banks again this year.  Hoping that this meant his career would soon rise again in all of his spleandor.


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