The Cult of Scott Bakula, is currently the only religion offering such an awesome perk.! While other religion will shun you, we will welcome you with open arms. 


Are you reading this and are already a zombie or are you not sure you want to take a "LEAP" towards a zombie catering religion quite yet, because you think you may be a survivor and Jesus will protect you? Worry not, we here at TCOSB believe that this is a decision you can make after, during and before you have the uncontrollable urge to eat your loved ones brains from their mouth watering skulls.

Yes, we realize that this may seem like we are selling out and jumping on the slightly over publicized zombie band wagon. However, that is not the case.  We, the prophets of TCOSB , have decided we need to offer something no other religion had offered thus far.   We needed a hook, if you will. Something to help Corrupt, I mean Enlighten more souls.

What if living a life of constant drooling and craving of brains isn't for me?

 we, the prophets of TCOSB, want to welcome all walks of life...or should I say non life.

  Vampires, are you tired of crucifixes and other holy items burning your flesh, because you are a slave of Satan and you feel you have no other place to entrust your soul? Do you feel that because of your "life Choice" Christ and the rest of the religious world has forsaken you and left you to walk the street at night alone? Well, not here at TCOSB! Once you decide to take Scott into your cold black heart, you will find instant relief in knowing that no holy items will affect you anymore.  Why you ask?  Because when you start your own cult you get to make your own rules.

What other undead creatures can find salvation with Scott? The answer is simple, all are welcome into The cult of Scott Bakula .  We are a equal opportunity Cult.  We want everyone to find salvation and enlightenment through our Lord and Savior Scott Bakula..  Because His career didn't die for your sins for nothing!

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